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1. MARY was born Aug 3, 1797 and baptized at Grubbs church in Chapman Twp, Snyder Co PA. She married ______ Crist according to her father's will. Another source gives the husband as John. Court documents in Carroll Co OH give the children of deceased John Crist as William b 29 May 1818, Robert R 4 Jun 1820, Andrew 27 Nov 1822, Mary Ann 1 Jan 1824, John 5 Jan 1827, Isaac 3 Nov 1829.

2. GEORGE was born 1795-1800 in Norhumberland County PA and went with his parents to Ohio. He and his wife were listed in the 1820 census of Salem Twp, Jefferson Co. OH as being under 25 with no children. In 1830 they were listed in German Twp, Harrison Co. as under 40 with 2 sons under 5 and 1 under 10 and 1 daughter under 5. In 1840 they were under 50 with one son under 10, one son under 15, one daughter under 10, and one daughter under 15. Hancock County deed book 4 shows that George Sr transferred 80 acres to George Jr January 7, 1839. George and wife Margaret of Harrison County sold the land April 10, 1843. In 1850 there was a George Wyant in Archer Twp, Harrison County, aged 50. His wife Margaret was 53. They were both born in PA. listed with Mary M. 21, Margaret 9, and Adam 6. Living with the family is also Andrew Wyant 29. It is not clear if he is a son. Solomon Wyant, presumably another son, 20 and wife Margaret of the same age are listed separately with son George W aged 1. If this is the same family the children in 1840 would be Andrew 19, Mary 11, Solomon 10, and Margaret newborn (or possibly a daughter who died). There is a marriage record that George Wyant married Margaret Shover 13 Jan 1848 in Harrison County. This could be a second marriage if he was already married to a Margaret in 1842. There is also an earlier marriage record for George Wyant to Polly Lawrence on 26 Oct 1815, in Jefferson County. If he was really 50 in 1850 then that marriage would be a different George. The children are described further in the third generation.

3. SUSANNA was born in PA ca 1802 according to the 1850 census of Jackson Twp, Morgan Co. OH. She married German born John Jacob Gessel in Jefferson County February 2, 1818 and had David (1829), Anna M (1833), Barbara (1836), Jacob (1838). According to research by Jimmie Smith ( Susannah died 28 Jan 1875 in Noble Co OH and was buried in Taylor cemetery, Jackson Twp. Her husband was born 16 Jun 1789 in Winterberg, Swedenburgh, Germany. Son Samuel was born c 1827. Researcher Kay Lantz (rootsweb) gives the children as Sofia b c 1820, John b 25 Jan 1823, Samuel b 1827, David John b 31 Jan 1828, Margaret b c 1829, Sarah b 18 Apr 1830, Adam b 23 Apr 1831, Anna Maria b c 1833, Caroline b c 1833, Barbara Maria b 1836, Jacob b 17 Jun 1838.

4. MARY MAGDALENA was born Feb 10, 1804 (see research below) in PA and married _____ Crocheng (inserted and difficult to read) according to her father's will. Mary Wiant married John Croghan April 28, 1831 in Harrison County. John Crochen was listed next to George Wiand in 1840 Perry Twp, Carroll Co. He and his wife were under 40 with two sons under five and one under ten, one daughter under five and one under ten. No listing was found for 1850. John (53, born in VA) and Mary Croghan (56, born in PA) were listed in 1860 in Salem Twp,Tuscarawas Co. OH. Their children then were William (1839), Catherine (1842), Nancy (1844), Benjamin (1847). Living with them was Mary Croghan, 87. In the same township was John Croghan, 25 who may have been another son. In 1870 John and Mary M. were still listed in the same township.
According to data on from a desc., Mrs. Bruce Budd, Rt 1 Box 332B Ashland Ohio,44805: Mary was born Feb 10, 1804 and died July 15, 1887 in Salem, Tuscarawas OH. She married John Croghan (b. Aug 21, 1809 Holliday's Cove, Brooke, WV) Their children were Jemima (1832), George (1833), John Wesley (1835), Mary Ann (1837), William (1839), Catherine Gregg (1843), Nancy Jane (1845), Benjamin Johnson (1847).

5. JOHN was born in Northumberland Co PA about 1806 and moved to Ohio with his parents. He was listed in 1820 with them in Salem Twp, Jefferson County, aged 10/15, when he would have been fourteen. John Wyand married Eliza Gantz Jan 13, 1830 in Harrison County and the couple were listed as John Wyant and wife, agd 20/30 in the 1830 census of Union Twp, Harrison County. His parents had moved to Harrison County in 1828 according to land records. (A John Wyant of similar age married Elizabeth Shawver. Here is how I distinguished between the two.) In his father's 1838 will John was given "one half quarter section of land .... in Hancock County .... for which he the said John now holds the patent," The land in question was part of 160 acres in Big Lick Twp registered to George Wyand 7 May 1835 (1 N 12 E 3). Hancock County deed book 4 shows that George Wyand transferred 80 acres to his son John January 7, 1839. John and wife Elizabeth of Carroll County sold the land March 22,1839. John W Wyant was listed in the 1840 census of Union Twp, Carroll Co, OH with one son under 5, one son 10 to 15, two daughters under 5 and two under 10. The research of Robert Sollars continues the history of the family of John Wyant.
On April 8, 1858 John Wyiant of the County of Union and the state of Ohio bought a parcel of land from Presley Said, Abner Ligget, Mary Said and Catherine Ligget of the County of Delaware of the State of Ohio for $304. The said piece of land is in the lot 5 of VMS 5869 and is approximately 38 acres. The 1860 Dover Twp, Union Co OH census listed John Wiant 54 b PA, Eliza 50 b PA, William 28, Niclas 18, John 16, Sarah 8, Thos J 5, all born in Ohio. Other research by Mr. Sollars gives the children of John and Eliza as William (1831), Mary Jane (1833), Amanda (1834), Charlotte (1838), Elizabeth Ann (1840), Nicholas Berger (1841), John Jeffrey (1844), Martin Vanburen (1851), Sarah I (1854), Thomas Jefferson (1855). The Wyants sold their land in Union County in September 1863 and moved on to Ross Twp, Vermillion Co IL where John W Wyant and family were listed in the 1865 state census. John died about 1868. Eliza Jane, who was a daughter of George Gantz and Mary Champer, died about 1875. Their children are described further in the third generation.

6. ELIZABETH married Otto Thompson May 3, 1827 in Jefferson Co. OH

7. DAVID was born about 1812 in PA according to the 1850 census. He was married to Mary Fisher Dec.24, 1833 by John Wagner JP. (The 1850 census listing indicates Mary was born in OH.) In 1840 he was listed in Perry Twp, Carroll Co with his wife. The 1850 census of Clinton Twp, in newly formed Vinton Co, OH shows David and wife Mary A. 37, with children Emanias 15, John 9, Adam 6, Mary A1. If this is the correct family then Emanias was missed in 1840. (Possibly he was a nephew?) 1860 add Lydia M 5. 1870 shows no Lydia, and adds Anna 2 (seen in 1880 to be a daughter of son John). In 1880 he has a new wife, Hannah, aged 67. One source gives his death as 1882. The children are described further in the third generation.

8. FREDERICK was born about 1810 in PA according to the 1850 census of Perry Twp, Carroll Co, OH. He married Elizabeth Channel 25 Aug 1836 (Bk 4, P 67). She was born about 1815 in OH. In 1840 they were listed in Perry Twp near Frederick's father George. By 1860 they were in Salem Twp, Tuscarawas Co, OH. Their children from the 1850/70 census returns were David (1837), J (male 1838), Mary Jane (1841), Rebecca A. (1844), Elizabeth (1846), George W (1848), Julian (1849), Marietta (1851), Sarah E (1855), Jemma (1858). In 1880 Frederick and Elizabeth had a daughter Margaret Murphy, 26, living with them. Frederick died 14 February, 1885 at Wolfe Station, Tuscarawas County and is buried at Bethel Cemetery. The children are described further in the third generation.

9. JACOB was born about 1818 in OH according to the 1850 census of Perry Twp, Carroll Co. OH where he was listed as J. Wiant. His wife N. was born in OH in 1817. Jacob married Nancy Foreman Apr 26, 1837. Hancock County deed book 3 shows that George transferred 80 acres to Jacob January 7, 1839. Jacob and wife Nancy of Carroll County sold the land March 6, 1839.Their children were John (1839), George (1842), H. (male 1846). In 1860 Jacob's wife is N.A., the child born in 1846 is given as a female E., and a new daughter M.C. is 3. No further listing has been found for this family. The children are described further in the third generation.

10. SARAH was born Jan 7, 1815 and baptized at Grubbs church in Chapman Twp, Snyder Co PA. She married Elisha Cahill Nov 12, 1835 in Carroll Co, OH. According to the Biographical Record of Civil War Veterans of Tuscarawas County 1892 " Philip Cahill was born in 1848 in Tuscarawas Co., Ohio, a son of Elisha Cahill, still living (1898) and Margaret (Wyant) deceased."

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