4da.The children of Daniel & Mary Jane Wian of Centre County, Pa

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FRANCIS HENRY was born in Harris Township, Centre County, Pennsylvania, on January 3, 1860 (74), being first mentioned by the census taker on July 5th of that year as being six months old. He grew up in Potter Township, on his father's farm, until his marriage on November 29, 1883 (22) to Anna Elizabeth Garbrick. The Gerberich family came from Germany to Pennsylvania in the eighteenth century. Their history is described in great detail in "The Gerberich History" by A. H. Gerberich. Annie Garbrick was born July 9th, 1862, to Henry and Catherine Poorman Garbrick of Benner Township (75). Frank and Annie Wion settled in Spring Township, Centre County, where their two sons, Willis and Harry were born in 1885 and 1886 (33). Annie Wion died in Bellefonte on February 14, 1927 (75) and was buried in Union Cemetery. Frank Wion lived on until his 87th year, dying on May 11, 1946, in Bellefonte (74). His children are described in the fifth generation.

2. ANNIE M. was born in 1862 (27) in Harris Township, Centre County, and grew up in Potter Township. She married Samuel Reish on January 26, 1882 (22), and settled at Pleasant Gap where her children included Harry, John and Sarah.

3. MARGARET ELLEN was born in November, 1868 (33), in Potter Township, Centre County. She married Richard Holmes (1868 - 1933) and died in 1954 (51). She had no children.

4. IDA M. was born in June 1870, appearing as a 2 month old in the September lst census enumeration. She married William Carson and settled in Spring Mills, Centre County, where she had a daughter Mary.

5. SARAH ELIZABETH (1872 - 1950) was born April 4, 1872. She married Richard Brooks and settled in Centre Hall, Centre County, where she had a son, James, and a daughter, Anna. Shedied January 5, 1941.


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