Jacob Weiand Sr (ca 1745/50 – 1807/9) John Wion, 2013 (revised 2018)


DNA testing shows that I am an exact match with a descendant of Jacob. This proves that Jacob was a close relative of our ancestor George Weiand. As they were born about the same time this would suggest they were brothers or cousins. There is no indication that Jacob lived in the same part of Berks County where George is believed to have lived, and George arrived in Northumberland County two years after Jacob. They went their separate ways after their time there. All this would suggest that they were more distantly than closely related.

The early life of Jacob Sr. still needs research. He may have been the Jacob Weiand who was first listed in Penn Twp, Northampton Co. PA in 1770 when he would have been in his early twenties and just married. This Jacob appeared in the tax lists for 1772,73,75, and 79. He was not listed in 1781 or any later lists, suggesting he moved from the area. He bought land in Penn in 1775 and sold it in 1777. He is likely the Jacob Weiand who took the oath of allegiance Sep. 17, 1777. A sad reference is a rape case in 1779 where a Jacob Wyant posted bond for the appearance of the victim, Maria Barbara, presumably his wife. This could certainly have been a reason to move from the area. Later records show that Jacob Sr had several children before arriving in Northumberland, but no baptismal records have been found for these children in the Northampton area.There is no arrival record for Jacob Sr. He may have arrived with his parents, he may have been born in PA, or his arrival record may have been lost. A Jacob Weyandt arrived in Pennsylvania in 1749, at the approximate time of Jacob Sr's birth. Another possible parent was John Weyand who lived in Towamensing Twp (from which Penn Twp was formed 1768/9) from 1761.

The first certain record of Jacob Sr. is when he appeared on the tax list of Penn Twp, Northumberland County (not Northampton!), PA in 1785.

Jacob appeared in the Penn lists through 1788 (when he was recorded with 50 acres as JacobYeriand).

Beaver Township was formed in 1787 from part of Penn Township and the 1789 tax list there listed Jacob Wiant with 100 acres. By 1791 he had 150 acres and by 1794 Jacob Wiant, Sr was listed with 300 acres. No records have yet been found relating to the purchase of any of this land.

In 1796 Mahantango Township was formed from Penn Township and the extant tax lists record him there through 1802 with 112 acres. Again there is no record of the sale or purchase of land.

In the1800 census Jacob Viand and his wife were listed as being over 45 with one son and daughter aged 16 to 25 and another daughter 10 to 15. Given the parents’ age these would be their youngest children, the others already on their own.

The 1803 tax list for Mahantango lists Jacob again but his name has been crossed out. There are no further records of him in this area.

The next record is in Jefferson County, Ohio where he purchased land in Range 4, Township 15, Section 23 on 19 June, 1806, giving his residence as Somerset County, PA.

This indicates where he was after leaving Northumberland County around 1803. There were other Wiant families in Somerset County at this time.

On 21 June, 1806 Jacob bought more land (Range 7, Township 15, Section 17) giving his address now as Jefferson County.

He also bought land in Salem Township, Jefferson County (Range 3, Township 10, Section 27) but this deed has not been found.

A deed dated December 30, 1809 refers to Jacob as having died intestate. One researcher gives December 13, 1807 as the date of death but I have not found the source for this.

In the above deed the administrators of John Roop, deceased, who had a contract with Jacob Wiant, sell for $400 the Southeast quarter of Range 3, Township 10, Section 27 to the heirs of Jacob – Michael, Jacob, Burkitt, John, and George Wiant, Catherine Strager wife of Mathias, Christiana Toot wife of John Toot, Madalena Winklepleck wife of Christian – children and heirs of Jacob Wiant. There is no mention of a widow.

Elizabeth Wyand purchased lot 69 in the town of New Salem in January 1808 and sold it in June 1850. If the above date for Jacob’s death is correct this could be a considerably younger widow, and not the wife listed in 1800 who was already over 45.

Other researchers have found birth dates for Jacob’s youngest daughters - Mary Magdalene (11/22/1782), Christina (11/16/1785). These would be the two daughter still at home in 1800. The son would have been Burkett.

A possible order for Jacob’s children could be:

Jacob b c 1770, Catherine b c 1772, Michael b c 1774, John b c 1777, George b c 1778, Burkett b 1780, Mary Magdalene 1782, Christina 1785.

Jacob, Jr was the only son to stay in PA. The 1800 census shows him with eight children under 10. This suggests a birth year of about 1770.

Catherine was presumably the wife of the Matthias Striar (Strayer) in Penn Twp, Northumberland Co PA in 1800. She had 5 children under 10 so must have been 25-30. A birth year of 1772 seems reasonable, between Jacob and Michael.

Michael was listed as a single freeman in Mahantango Twp in 1796 indicating he was born in 1774.

John’s tombstone gives his year of birth as 1780 but in 1800 he was married with one child so he may have been older than that.

George was listed in the 1800 census as married without children. He has not been found in any later census so between John and Burkett seems reasonable.

Burkett often appears as born in 1767 but as mentioned below mid-1770s is more likely. This also fits with his marriage in 1803.

Mary Magdalene, as above, 1782

Christina, as above, 1785


In the 1809 deed mentioned above I would have expected the children to be named in order of seniority with the males first and the females second. It certainly is that way for the daughters. However Michael is listed first rather than Jacob. I can only think that this was because Michael was the oldest present.

The Children of Jacob Weiand, Sr – John Wion 2007

Jacob Weiand, Jr

The first mention of Jacob Weiand’s presumed oldest son was his listing in 1791 Beaver Twp, Northumberland County, PA as Jacob Wiyond with 50 acres. In1792 he bought 26 acres, in1794 Beaver Jacob Wiant Jr owned150 acres, in 1795 he sold 26 acres, and in1799 Jacob Wiand was listed with 50 acres. In the1800 census of Beaver he and his wife gave their ages as born 1756-1774, with four sons and four daughters born within the decade. This would suggest a birth year for Jacob of about 1770. By 1810 he and his wife had thirteen children. Three sons and four daughters were born within the decade; that would suggest that a son and daughter from the previous census had died. It is also possible that a child (or twins) just born in 1800 was still listed as under10 in 1810. If none of the thirteen children alive in 1810 died, at least one more was born after 1810. Jacob died in 1813 – family lore says in an Indian raid. By the time of his death his land was assigned to Decatur Twp, Mifflin County. According to court records in that county he left a wife Catharina and fourteen children, four of them still under 14. The children and their estimated years of birth from various documents were George (c1791) [This George has been confused with another George of similar age, and location as to which one settled in Ohio. Here is my understanding of which was which], Elizabeth (c 1792), Christina (c 1793), Jacob (c 1795), John (c 1796), Magdalena (c 1798), Adam (c 1800), Michael (c 1801), Jesse (8/7/1802), Lydia (c 1803), Barbary (c 1804), Susannah (c 1806), Mary (c 1808), Daniel (c 1810). Estate papers show that the widow Catharina died in 1816. Most of Jacob’s children moved to Ohio.


Catherine Weiand married Matthias Strager according to her father’s estate papers. She was presumably the wife of the Matthias Striar (Strayer) in Penn Twp, Northumberland Co PA in 1800. She had 5 children under 10 so must have been 25-30. A birth year of 1772 seems reasonable, between Jacob and Michael.


Michael Wiandt was listed as a single freeman in Mahantango Twp in 1796 indicating he was born in 1774. He was listed in Penn Twp, Northumberland County in 1802-04. In 1806 his listing was crossed out. He married Ann Mary Steffy and moved to Jefferson County, Ohio, being listed on the1810 tax list of Salem Twp. They had no children. Michael died between May 12, 1820 when he wrote his will and August 21, 1820 when it was probated. Mary was last listed in the 1840 census of the town of Annapolis in Salem Township.


John Wiand’s tombstone gives his year of birth as 1780, but in 1800 he was listed as John Viand in Mahantango Twp, Northumberland County, PA married with one child, so he may have been older than that. He appeared on the 1802 tax list of the same township and then went to Ohio, appearing on the 1810 tax list of Buffalo Twp, Jefferson County. This same year he purchased 40 acres on Waters of Cross Creek. He is reported to have served in the War of 1812 but I have not seen evidence of this. On July 7, 1815 he received from his brothers for $1 land from his father’s estate – SE ¼ Section 27, Twp 10, Range 3 (Jefferson) and SW ¼ Section17, Twp 15, Range 7 (50 acres,Tuscarawas Co.) – one of the deeds by which the four brothers (Jacob, Jr. having died) in different combinations presumably divided that estate. John continued to buy land – 80 acres in 1824, 80 acres in 1825, 80 acres in 1830, 80 acres in 1831, 80 acres in 1841. John died on Jan. 15, 1846 aged 66, according to his tombstone. Estate documents give his widow as Eve and his children as Jacob, Motlena, John (deceased), George, Elizabeth, Israel, Harrison, Henry, Mary. Eve Wiant’s name is given as Troup by researchers but I don’t know the source. She died March 12, 1847 aged 66 years according to her tombstone.


George Wiand was listed in the 1800 census of Mahantango Twp, Northumberland Co. PA as married without children. I would place his birth around 1778. He was of a similar age as George Wyant, son of our George, who married Magdalena Hahn, and who lived in the same part of both Pennsylvania and Ohio. Perhaps because there are so few records of Jacob’s George researchers have placed our George in this family. The first record of George arriving in Ohio is an announcement in the Steubenville Western Herald December 5, 1807. (At this time our George was still in PA.) A married “friend” has offered George’s wife a hundred dollars and a house and she has left him. On October 24, 1810 George bought lot 85 in New Salem and on November 28 lot 50. He bought further small parcels in 1812. On July 7, 1815 he received from his brothers for $1 land from his father’s estate – SE ¼ Section 27, Twp 10, Range 3 and SW ¼ Section17, Twp 15, Range 7 (Tuscarawas Co.). On November 24, 1815 he and wife Peggy (Margaret) sold lot 33 in New Salem. On the same day they sold 50 acres of his SE ¼ Section 27, Twp 10, Range 3. In 1822 Maryllis Wyant, widow of George began proceedings to obtain her dower rights to SE ¼ Section 27, Twp 10, Range 3. In 1825 she was successful. Maryllis was listed in the 1820 and 1830 census of Salem Twp, Jefferson County. These documents show that George died before 1820 and is not the George listed in the census of that year. George may have had three wives, if in fact his first wife left him in 1807, with Margaret being the second, and Maryllis the third. A Margaret Wyant was listed in the 1820 census of Linton Twp, Coshocton Co. Ohio, under 45 with a son under 10. George Wiand of Guernsey Co (bordering Coshocton County), Ohio bought lot 83 in New Salem in 1819. George H Wiant was also listed as responsible for 1828/9 taxes on lot 85 (purchased by George above in 1810). George H Wiant in Brown Twp, Carroll County, Ohio in 1850 gave his age as 40. A possible scenario for George then is that his wife Margaret left him after 1815 rather than in 1807 and moved with their son George H a bit to the west. He married Maryllis and then died before 1820.


Burkett Wiant often appears as born in 1767 but Burkhart Weyand was listed in an 1800 enumeration list of Mahantango Twp, Northumberland County, PA as a single man indicating that he was at least 21, or born before 1780. According to other researchers he married Mary Ann Schwarz (Black) December 15, 1803 and served in the War of 1812. He was listed in the 1810 tax list of Salem Twp, Jefferson Co. Ohio. On July 7, 1815 he received from his brothers for $1 land from his father’s estate – SE ¼ Section 27, Twp 10, Range 3 ( 50 acres) and SW ¼ Section17, Twp 15, Range 7 (Tuscarawas Co.). In1816 he purchased lots 13 and 14 in New Harrisburgh, Salem Twp. In the 1820 Salem census he was over 45, indicating he was born before 1775. In the 1830 census of Caroll Co. he was listed as aged 50-59 (or born 1771-80). In 1835 Burget Wiant of Carroll County, Ohio bought 80 acres in the west half of NW ¼ of Section 34, Twp 2, North of Range 12. He moved to Hancock County after this where he died June 9, 1847 and was buried at Sheller Cemetery, Loudon Twp, Seneca Co. Ohio. His age, according to his tombstone was 80, but this could be an estimate. His descendants have been well researched. His wife’s dates are given as 1784-1865. Their children were: George (1803), Peter (1806), Samuel (1808), Jacob (1811), Abraham (1812), Lydia (1814), John (1816), Alexander (1818), David (1821), Aaron (1822), Mary Ann (1827).


Mary Magdalene Weiand was born November 22, 1782 and died July 21, 1868, being buried at Shanesville, Ohio. She married Christian Winklepleck December 3, 1807 in Jefferson County, Ohio and had Simon, James, Elizabeth, Jacob, George, Henry, Susannah, Christian, John, Jesse, Reuben, Catherine, Maria, Lucinda, Barbara, Mary Margaret.


Maria Christina Weiand, according to the Scholl,  Sholl, Shull Genealogy (1930), was born November 16, 1785 and died January 28, 1858, being buried at New Cemetery, East Springfield, Ohio. She married in Pennsylvania John Toot (Dutt) and had Sarah, George (1803), Joseph (1806), and Barbara. After the death of her husband around 1810 she married Jacob Shull on May 13, 1817 and had Mary, William, Samuel, Ephraim, Nancy, Jacob, Lavina, John, Rachel.


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